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Bojo do Luar Rosa Portugal 2020

Bojo do Luar Rosa Portugal 2020
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Grapes: Tinta Cão, Vinhão, Loureiro, others
Region: Vinho Verde, Portugal

We’ve loved this bottle from first sip, for nearly a year, on multiple occasions, always inciting surprise and delight. It catches you off guard… skeptical, perhaps—that bulging blood moon (bojo do luar) and funky block-letter label, that foggy bottom of the neon-pink bottle—and then it pops off in your mouth, rushing you to a heady tropical fruit stand after a fresh afternoon rain.

Bojo do Luar is a collaboration project that makes our heart sing: two righteous Portuguese winemakers brought together by matchmaker Savio Soares, a native Brazilian turned sommelier turned importer of small-batch, mindfully made wines. Savio tapped Antonio Sousa and Fernando Paiva, one renowned for his precise winemaking and the other for his non-interventionist experimentation, and brought them together on this dream project focused on heralding native Portuguese varieties, biodynamic farming and minimalist production techniques. In lieu of more added sulfur, they opted to swap in ground chestnut flowers to stabilize the juice before fermenting each grape variety separately in stainless steel or concrete tanks, helping boost the wine’s unalloyed clarity. The wine seems to radiate that clarity to you as you drink it, making evident the simplicity of our mission here this summer: to enjoy good weather, good food and company and find surprise and delight in little easygoing moments.

Fruit notes: pink lemonade, watermelon bubblegum, Dapple Dandy pluot, pink grapefruit
Non-fruit notes: pink salt, wet granite, jasmine
Wood notes: none
Sweetness: dry
Acidity: medium plus
Tannin: low
Alcohol: medium minus
Body: medium
Possible Pairings: grilled lemongrass pork chops; coconut chickpea curry; moongazing